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Oct 04

RSS Feed Authentication

All RSS Feeds now require authentication.  This is designed to provide another layer of security for your data. 

Simply use the username and password for your account to access your feed. You will also need a feed reader that supports basic authentication.  (Google Reader does not)

If you are using Firefox, we recommend you checkout the Sage.

Nov 19


Oct 27

Time Tracking app launch

Today we are launching our long anticipated time tracking application.  If your plan supports time tracking you will now see the new link on your project overview pages.

You can enter time in two formats, as a decimal or hours and minutes.  So, in this example: 3.5 and 3:30 would both be the same amount of time (three and a half hours).

One of the greatest parts about our time tracking application is the reports you can generate.  You can export a report by project, user, time period or a combination of the three.  Our reports can also be generated in different formats including, PDF and CSV. made it onto CSSMania -

We’re really excited to see our site on one of the best galleries on the web.

Oct 26

Spot2Jot Exports are here

We’ve added the ability to export your Spot2Jot documents to PDF.  You can export the current version or anyone of your previous versions.

You can find the link to export a Spot2Jot in the sidebar:

Want highlighted syntax, you got it

Messages and Spot2jots now have syntax highlighting for your code.

This is a great feature for all of you web developers out their.  The syntax highlighting should work on C, Java, Python, Bash, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Makefiles, Ruby, PHP, VB, and Awk.

Here is a simple example of some JavaScript:

Signup and see it in action.

Oct 17

Updates to the Milestones app

A Milestone now will not be considered late until midnight (12pm) on the day it is due.  Previously a Milestone was considered late at midnight the day before it was due, essentially making it late on the day it was due.  It was brought to our attention by one of our great users that this change is more intuitive.

Upcoming and late Milestones are now listed in the order in which they are due.  Completed Milestones will continue to be ordered by the date the were completed on, from newest to oldest.

We’ve also added tooltips to the Milestone calendar, so now when you hover over an upcoming Milestone it will show you the full name and description of the Milestone.

Sep 12

We’ve Added Markdown and Textile support

We are excited to announce the release of a great new feature, multiple text editors.  You can now choose from:

To choose a new editor, go to “Accounts” > “Text Editor”.  Only the account owner can change the editor.  Your new editor will be used for Messages, Spot2Jots and Comments.

We realize that not everyone likes to use an rich text wysiwyg editor and we wanted to offer you more options.  So, we have now added markdown and textile support!

You will notice that we’ve used different editors for rich text and markdown / textile.  We did this because we want to keep using TinyMCE for our rich text editor while at the same time offering a nice markdown / textile editor.  The editors share a lot in common, but you will notice some difference.  The biggest being that with the markdown / textile editor you will have to click the green check mark to see a preview of you text.

Updated Help Docs

We recently added a Help section, which you can find by clicking on the “Help” icon in the upper right hand corner of your account.  Today we added some new help topics that cover more questions you might have.  We will continue to update these as more questions arise.

We have divided the help section into categories for easier navigating.  You can click on a category heading to view all of the questions in that category or click an individual question to view it by itself.  We’ve also implemented a nice search tool that allows you to easily find what you are looking for.

Aug 31

Project overview descriptions

Now you can choose whether to show your project’s description in the overview.  To display your project’s description simply edit your project and you will now see an option to display the description in the overview.

Project descriptions are a great way to let everyone working on your project know what the overall goal of the project is.