Sign out survey

We are going to add a simple survey to the sign out page.  It will consist of 4 or 5 questions that will allow you to give us some feedback on our app.  We are very interested in what our customers have to say and what they think will make our product better.  So, if you have 2 minutes, send us some feedback next time you sign out.

Also, we are going to keep it totally anonymous, so you have a chance to give an honest opinion.


Admin Permissions

Now admin users have the ability to create and modify projects.  This includes marking a project complete or incomplete.  This change was heavily requested by our users and it really makes sense.  Admin users still won’t be able to delete projects.  We felt this was a good safeguard to leave in place.

Also, now if you select a user to be auto-assigned to new projects, they will be granted full permissions for that project.  This removes the step of having to grant auto assigned users permissions after creating a project. Chances are if you want a user to be auto-assigned to all new projects, then you also want them to have full access to each project.


Bug Fixes

Today we fixed some minor bugs and made a couple updates to the site.

All spots that previously displayed your username will now check to see if you have a display name and if you do, will then use the display name, but if you do not your username will be used instead.

Now when you edit something, the select boxes initial data should have the current value selected.  For example if you edit a Message that is in the category Design, then Design should be selected from the select box when you edit this message.  Previously this would have defaulted to the empty value.  This of course was bad because if a user edited something they would have to remember what category it was in or what milestone it was connected to.