Take the Project2Manage Features Tour
Our applications lets you take total control over your projects, with multiple applications like Messaging, To-do Lists, Reminders, Spot2Jot, File Management and Time Tracking.
Spot2Jot is a collaborative writing application that allows you to create documents with your team members. It will automatically save old versions of a document so you won't loose data do to accidental changes. This allows you to track the changes that you've made to the document since its creation. You can comment on a document and attach files to it. If you want a hard copy of the document you can export any of it's versions to PDF.
The Time Tracking application makes it easy to add, edit and delete time for a project. You can export reports by time period, user or both in PDF or CSV format.

Our File Management application is a centralized location for all of the files you've uploaded. You can manage files that have been attached to a message, spot2jot or a comment and upload new files too. You can easily upload a new version of a file and all of the versions will be organized together for easy viewing.

If you have a file that is outdated, but you're not sure if you want to get rid of it yet, you can send it to the trash can. The file can then be restored at anytime if you decide you need it again.

The User Management application has features that allow you to group users by companies and control what they have access to. This is great when dealing with contract or freelance employees.