We’ve Added Markdown and Textile support

We are excited to announce the release of a great new feature, multiple text editors.  You can now choose from:

To choose a new editor, go to “Accounts” > “Text Editor”.  Only the account owner can change the editor.  Your new editor will be used for Messages, Spot2Jots and Comments.

We realize that not everyone likes to use an rich text wysiwyg editor and we wanted to offer you more options.  So, we have now added markdown and textile support!

You will notice that we’ve used different editors for rich text and markdown / textile.  We did this because we want to keep using TinyMCE for our rich text editor while at the same time offering a nice markdown / textile editor.  The editors share a lot in common, but you will notice some difference.  The biggest being that with the markdown / textile editor you will have to click the green check mark to see a preview of you text.